Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Zebra G-301 Gel Pen

I love the act of writing. Watching the ink flow out, the scritch of the pen tip crossing the page. It’s a shame I can’t pen anything thought provoking or at least entertaining, but damn my handwriting sure is pretty!

I’ve been rocking a Pelikan fountain pen. The Pelikan fits my hand and the black Pelican ink flows sooo nice. I carry it in my bag in case the urge to scribble strikes. The downside is if it gets lost I may never replace it


Enter the Zebra G-301. Nowhere near as nice as my Pelikan, I like how it writes and if misplaced I won’t have to lunch on ramen noodles for two months so I can afford another. The steel barrel will take the abuse that reduces lesser, plastic pens to bits cluttering the bottom of my bag. Bonus, I bet I could drive a G-301 through a zombies skull and brain with no problem.