Thursday, November 17, 2011

The OWS Lens

When I read this post at Monster Hunter Nation a light went on in my head, kind of like a candle at the bottom of a well.

Go read it if you wish, I’ll stay here and chuckle about the look on that dude’s face as he’s being dragged out by the scruff.

I have paid little attention to the Occupy Wall Street crowd. Their “tactics” and liberal bullshit kill any interest I had in their message(s) and/or opinions. How they could believe what they claim to believe was beyond me, but David C. got the mental percolator burbling.

Let’s see if I can explain this. Imagine you are an OWS protestor:

You are sitting in front of the tent you and an ever changing group of strangers have been crashing in. You don’t even know who the tent belongs to, but that’s cool.

Despite wearing every item of clothing you brought with, 3 t-shirts, a $70 pair of jeans, sweatpants, 2 pairs of socks with hardly any holes in them, and a hoodie sans drawstring, you’re still cold. Who knew it would get this cold. It’s only November.

The paper cup of warm tea you’re slurping isn’t Starbucks, but the lady giving it away says its organic non-caffeinated herbal something or other. And it’s warm.

You haven’t gotten much sleep this week, what with the guy in the next tent and his wet, bubbling cough. Maybe today he’ll score a ride to the clinic.

Speaking of the clinic, perhaps sharing a sleeping bag with that chick the other night to “stay warm” wasn’t such a great idea. The itch down below may be from not bathing in four days. Or is it five? What day is today, anyway?

Your stomach rumbles, reminding you the free kitchen is down to serving grilled cheese sandwiches since the tofu and open-range greens ran out yesterday. There is a rumor that one of the cooks was spotted hiding Kraft American cheese wrappers and you’ll be damned if you ever eat that crap. The bread isn’t even whole wheat.

You had to borrow a cellphone to call work since yours “disappeared”. When you asked your boss for an advance on your next paycheck, he had the nerve to fire you. How is that fair? Big deal if you haven’t showed up for work this week, doesn’t he realize you’re out here doing something important? What a dick… Corporate greed, man. Corporate greed . Screw him, he can deliver his own pizzas. You didn’t go to college for six years just to kiss old-man ass.

They need someone to hold their hand & take care of them. To keep them warm, fed, and safe.

That is their reality, the lens through which the rest of us are viewed. Since everyone is the same, we all need the government to take care of us.

Well, except for the ones smart enough to know what’s best for everyone else, of course.

~ Hoozyrdady.

Android Tablets

David Farquhar has a nice write up on what to look for when shopping for cheap Android tablet.

Last year, a flood of $99 tablets built with extremely low-end hardware running dated versions of Android appeared. This year, slightly better tablets running slightly less dated versions of Android are readily available, sometimes for as little as $60. And I have to admit, these devices got me thinking. I didn’t quite pull the trigger. But here’s what to watch (out) for on the low end.

I’m tempted.

~ Hoozyrdady

Downstairs Bathroom

The lower throne room is used mostly by my boys. I’m gonna tape this to the door-



Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Walking Dead Season 1

Wow. Season 1 was just as sphincter clenching the second go around as the first. I’m caught up on the two current episodes from season two, and the series hasn’t missed a beat.

News of a new stable of writers and a lower budget had me worried. I’m glad my concerns were for naught.

My one complaint- Not to give anything away if you haven’t seen it, but I hate it when the kids are messed with. The end of episode 2 had me gnashing my teeth. Getting chased by zombies, screaming and crying, near misses, that’s fine. Show one of the little turds getting hurt and possibly killed = Not Cool.

I’m not kidding, leave the kids alone! My favorite Stephen King story is The Mist. I read it many times and almost wore out my cd of the audiobook. I’ve never seen the movie and don’t plan on ever seeing it. Why? Because of the ending.

Anyways, I’ll tune in next week. I gotta know what happens.


Side note: Imagine my astonishment when I found out the guy playing Rick Grimes is a Brit! I know, right? I would of never guessed. He’s got the southern nailed. The dude’s name is Andrew Lincoln… damn, even his name sounds as American as apple pie and Jack Daniels. Kudos to you, sir.


Zebra G-301 Gel Pen

I love the act of writing. Watching the ink flow out, the scritch of the pen tip crossing the page. It’s a shame I can’t pen anything thought provoking or at least entertaining, but damn my handwriting sure is pretty!

I’ve been rocking a Pelikan fountain pen. The Pelikan fits my hand and the black Pelican ink flows sooo nice. I carry it in my bag in case the urge to scribble strikes. The downside is if it gets lost I may never replace it


Enter the Zebra G-301. Nowhere near as nice as my Pelikan, I like how it writes and if misplaced I won’t have to lunch on ramen noodles for two months so I can afford another. The steel barrel will take the abuse that reduces lesser, plastic pens to bits cluttering the bottom of my bag. Bonus, I bet I could drive a G-301 through a zombies skull and brain with no problem.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I Love This Time of Year

jack_1And I love Halloween. Ghouls and Jack o’ Lanterns, scary movies, the whole shebang. The air has gotten very crisp. The Weather Prognosticators claim there will be snow flurries soon. That’s just fine with me since I’m in no hurry to start shoveling the driveway. That’s going to suck. I am in no shape for clearing snow by hand. I fear there will be much PT in the near future.

Our old snow blower died in a puddle of gas last winter. I found out last week it was un-revivable. Since we don’t have $400 to replace it with a new one, we picked up an electric ‘blower at Menards for $100 after the rebate. I’ll let you know if it’s worth it.

In the spirit of Halloween I’m working my way through the first season of AMC’s The Walking Dead on Netflix. Let me tell you, it’s just as good the second time around. When that’s done I’ll start the second season.

The boys and I enjoyed 6Teen: Dude of the Living Dead and Phineas & Ferb’s Halloween special. That is some mix, huh?

This weekend we start on costumes. Numero Dos wants to be a cyborg with robot arms. The oldest is planning on manning the door and handing out candy, there’s time yet for him to change his mind.


I really, reaallly want to visit a haunted corn maze this year. There’s now way in hell Red will set foot in one, she won’t even wait in the car.

I never made it to Howl O’ Scream at Busch Gardens. If I’d known there would be cheerleaders… more pics here and here.


Monday, October 03, 2011

Monday, August 22, 2011

Found Post

I was poking around in my draft folder and found this peach.

Waste not, want not.

****************************************************************************************************************** Man, this RockStar double shot is strong. I nursed one all morning, and here we are after lunch and I can barely keep up with my thoughts. So what the heck, lets roll with it and see where I end up.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 was a waste of money and time. What a disappointment. I loved the books, well, most of the books. The Deathly Hallows seemed a tad rushed and didn’t flow at all. I’m sorry to say the movie was just as sloppy.

I loved the books, and the earlier movies. Hogwarts was so freaking cool and I wanted to steal some decorating tips from the Griffindor Common room.

The last few movies were all dark and depressing… bleargh.

I finished the latest Dresden File’s book early this morning, hence the need for the energy drink. “Ghost Story” was different from the previous books, and ended in a far different place than expected. I like it.

The Boys are at my In-Laws for a few days, then this weekend they go to my parent’s house, I miss them. The house is way too quiet without them. This will be the last time this summer they will be away from home for more than a day or two, and I’m cool with that.

This has been a very unproductive day. I’m buzzing like a… well like something that buzzes real hard.


The new budget was passed, or whatever. Yup, we’re still hosed. Oh, well. I’m doing well at not worrying about it. No matter what happens, it will pass. The sun will still rise in the mornings, etc etc. Pretty enlightened and zen, huh? I don’t have confidence in the politicos in DC… that’s not exactly true- I believe they are masters at knowing which way the wind is blowing and have a solid idea of the life expectancy of their careers should they allow the country to completely go to hell. That, and we’re Americans, dammit. Come what may, we’ll push through and come out the other end in good shape. It will hurt for a while, positively suck.

I’m feeling the urge to build the Shack again. I’m thinking something small out at the Family Acreage, a warm weather place. Four walls and a roof, enough to keep the weather and bugs out. From what I’ve seen online, attractive little cabins can be built from reclaimed i.e. scrap material as long as some thought and attention to detail is supplied. I’d say something the size of the rundown lake cabin I looove staying in, with larger porches, and fixed up of course. No reason for the place to look like a dump.

What is up with USA’s In Plain Sight? This season is just depressing. The same for Covert Affairs. I need a change. Fewer of these “dramas” and more sitcoms. Too bad most of the 30 minutes stuff I’ve seen is crap…

Speaking of change, I’m bored with my favorite authors. Except for Jim Butcher, it seems. Ask me again the third time I read Ghost Story. That might be the problem… I re-read everything. Before “Ghost Story” I read “Abraham Lincoln; Vampire Hunter”. I felt stimulated, which hardly ever happens anymore. Now I have to find new writers. Work, work, work.


Friday, August 12, 2011

I’ll Pay to Watch This

I’m not into the 3D move scene. It’s an overpriced gimmick, right? But- I will go see this!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


The entitlement mentality is leading both England and the United States down the crapper.

Moron(s) indeed.


Monday, August 01, 2011

Sen. Tom Coburn (R) Oklahoma Speaks Truth

Holy crap, now I’ve seen it all – A politician speaking common sense.

The video is 27 minutes long, but worth watching. I’m going to keep an eye on this guy, in a good way.


Let It Rain

Red is a monster U2 fan, and has been most of her life. We went down to the Twin Cities to catch their show last weekend.

It was the Greatest Concert I have ever experienced.

We lined up around 1 P.M., the day was hot and humid. Interpol opened at 7 and U2 started at 9.

Shortly after 9 it started raining. Biblical downpour.

We were soaking wet, tired, our feet were bitching… and still-

Best. Concert. Ever.

It was almost a religious experience, an emotional high. Tired, soaking wet, 60,000 fans all singing…


Friday, July 15, 2011

Don’t Taze me, Mutha…OWWW!

This couple of Walmarters start harrassing a cop for “shopping while on duty”. What, a guy can’t take a few minutes to pick up a coke and some beef jerky? 

Officer Bibby… heh “Bibby”… was doing a walkthrough of the store and this husband and wife team start giving Bibby angry smack about how goofing off on the job. After some shit talking inside, they lie in wait for him to leave and start up again. Check out the video…

Ahhhh good stuff right there.



Go see today’s (7/15/11) Day by Day piece. As a dad, this made me snicker.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Starting Over

This blog was stinking like month old cheese in a pro-wrestler's jock strap. After much hemming and hawing I deleted all 500+ posts. Yeah, I could have just ignored the accumulated bleagh and kept on trucking, but what kind of foundation would that have been?

I'll keep things light as I ease back into this "writing thing" by staying away from subjects that negatively affect my blood pressure.

So. Here we go.