Friday, July 15, 2011

Don’t Taze me, Mutha…OWWW!

This couple of Walmarters start harrassing a cop for “shopping while on duty”. What, a guy can’t take a few minutes to pick up a coke and some beef jerky? 

Officer Bibby… heh “Bibby”… was doing a walkthrough of the store and this husband and wife team start giving Bibby angry smack about how goofing off on the job. After some shit talking inside, they lie in wait for him to leave and start up again. Check out the video…

Ahhhh good stuff right there.



Go see today’s (7/15/11) Day by Day piece. As a dad, this made me snicker.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Starting Over

This blog was stinking like month old cheese in a pro-wrestler's jock strap. After much hemming and hawing I deleted all 500+ posts. Yeah, I could have just ignored the accumulated bleagh and kept on trucking, but what kind of foundation would that have been?

I'll keep things light as I ease back into this "writing thing" by staying away from subjects that negatively affect my blood pressure.

So. Here we go.


Well, hello there.

Still alive. Still grumpy. I'm out of beer. ~Hoozyrdady