Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Iron Man 3

Saw it this weekend. Meh.

Robert D. Jr. entertains as a PTSD’d Tony Stark who’s all twitchy over the Avengers vs. Aliens throw down.

ppottsGwyneth (did-I-spell-that-right?) Paltrow is a lovely, redheaded Pepper Potts who is getting mighty tired of Tony’s pissing and moaning around the house at all hours.

The movie was more about Stark getting his vaj’ unkinked and smelling fresh than Iron Man whooping bad guys and blowing shit up, though there was a good amount of that towards the end.

I felt the plot was really stretching my sense of disbelief at times. I know this is a movie about a super-rich uber-genius flying around in high tech armor… Yeah, yeah, shaddup.

I’m in no hurry to add Iron Man 3 to the home library. Like I said – A solid ‘Meh’.