Friday, May 24, 2013

It only hurts when it hurts

A few Saturdays ago, Thud (aka Lovechild The Second) jumped out of a tree and tweaked his ankle upon landing. This wasn’t Thuds first twisted ankle so we doctored & wrapped it up, no biggie.

The following Wednesday my little Trooper upheld his school’s honor at the end of year Track & Field get-together.

Wednesday night he convinced Red he needed medical attention “‘cause it hurts soooo baaaad, mom!” and off they went to the Kids Walk-in clinic where Thud was poked, prodded, x-rayed and issued his very first Frankenboot.

Doc: “The x-rays don’t show any fractures but we’ll send ‘em off to Ortho, just in case, we’ll be in touch blah blah blah take it easy, no running or jumping etc., keep the ‘boot on all the time…”

Right. The only way to enforce such a rule with a 10 year old is to hogtie him and even then there will be some flopping around.

Friday morning comes and Thud is in tears the pain is so baaaaaaaaad. Back to the Doc-in-a-Box.

Doc: “Hhhhmmmm” Poke, poke, poke “Ortho says x-rays looked fine, very little swelling, blah, blah I’d say you had to boot too tight last night and slept wrong. Since there is no fracture you can loose the ‘boot now. Keep the ankle wrapped, no running or jumping, over the counter meds as needed, blah, blah, come back next week if there is no improvement.”

Fast forward to yesterday evening- Spring has made itself known with above freezing temps and inches of rain. I’m puttering around the yard enjoying the sunshine, when out pops Thud, tearing-ass down the block in hot pursuit of the ice cream truck. A minute later he comes running back “Iforgotmywalletwithallmymoneyinit!”. Another minute goes by and he’s out the door again, wallet clutched in hand, sprinting down the sidewalk and out of sight. That boy is built for running, all lean muscles and bone.

And no sign of a limp. Huh…

By bedtime the pain is back along with the tears.

Enough is enough.

Red hauls Thud to the Doc-in-a-Box office first thing this morning with the intent of getting the boy outfitted with a cast, from toes to hip. Lets see the little monkey run now…

After more prodding and head scratching the Doc sends them over to the walk-in Ortho place. The Ortho-Doc does his thing and announces Thud has a taken a tiny, itty-bitty chip out of his legbone hence the pain and tears. No cast necessary, though. Just wrap it, use over the counter meds, no running or jumping blah, blah, blah.

Red was very disappointed. Bright side- we’re that much closer to meeting our deductible.


So little Thudrick is back at school now, where to be sure he’s bouncing off the walls and leaping off the highest points of the playground equipment. The little shit.