Thursday, March 20, 2014

Who do I have to blow to get medico to peek in my ear?

There has been some pressure in there, off and on, for a month+. The ringing (Tinnitus?) is starting to be a problem. I don’t want to go to the Doc-in-a Box walk in clinic and spend who knows how long in the waiting room, so I called the local clinic conglomerate to make an appointment. Wading through the options I finally get a live person on the line.

Me: I’d like to schedule and appt.

Voice: Do you have a primary care physician?

Me: No, I just need to see someone about an possible ear infection.

Voice: I’ll transfer you to dsjfhdifasdfidfi (garbled), they have a list of doctors currently accepting new patients.

Me: Wait, I’m not looking for a new…

She transferred me. Bitch.

Robo-Operator: Thank you for calling blah blah blah if this is an emergency hang up and dial 911 blah blah.

Me: Grumblefrakinshit

Robo-Operator: Press 1 for something or other. Press 2 for infernal medicine something else. Press 3 for who-the-fuck-cares….

Me: Grumblefuckpainintheassgrumble:

Robo-Operator: …Press 39 for…

Me: Goddamit!

And I hung up. Red took pity and called for me. In 3 minutes I had an appointment for tomorrow morning.

So pissed off right now…