Thursday, June 20, 2013

Just Like Us Regular Folks, Only Better…


From the hometown -

Gun found by boy in Ybor theater belongs to deputy

A 9 year old finds a handgun in a movie theater bathroom, his Dad reports it to 911. Local PD makes all kinds of noise about “… possible charges grrrr grrrr bad guy will face the consequences grrrrr…” right up until they realize the dumbass is a Detective for the Sherriff’s department. Then the tune changes to “No criminal charges.”

The Sherriff’s office are investigating, but what are the odds of this guy getting anything worse than a slap on the pee-pee?

If it were one of us cake-eating civilians you can bet we’d be on the news doing the walk of shame,cuffed and stuffed into a police car while some bureaucrat windbag goes on and on about keeping the children safe blah blah blah.